Welcome to Aero Upgrade

Cost effective solutions for improving safety of flight and aircraft performance

Aero Upgrade is a full service maintenance facility with a staff of airframe and powerplant mechanics with inspection authorization and avionics maintenance technicians. We can assist you with your pre-buy decisions, annual inspections, upgrades, maintenance, avionics, autopilots and more. We work with industry leading manufacturers to bring robust, cost-effective solutions to our customers. Aero Upgrade can even come to you if circumstances require it.

Fly in on your old engine and fly out with improved performance! At Aero Upgrade, we hold unique Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) to increase performance, reliability and safety through proven engine upgrades. See the Services section for details. We can also improve aircraft performance through tuned exhaust systems from Powerflow Systems, better fuel management through fuel totalizer instruments, and graphic engine monitors allowing you to safely operate lean of peak reducing fuel flow dramatically - all options to improve fuel economy and performance!

We offer single airframe licensing and use of our STCs, on-site engineering assistance with implementing your replacement engine from one of our experienced airframe and powerplant mechanics, and finally complete STC engine upgrades in our facilities using your choice of zero-time or rebuilt engines. We don't just license our STCs we actually own and fly the aircraft using the STCs. Our team is comprised of highly experienced engineers, airframe and powerplant mechanics, maintenance technicians and aviation enthusiasts. We're pilots and aircraft owners and each of us understands the overall costs associated with flying and ownership. Rest assured that you'll be treated fairly by your fellow pilots!

We work with most major manufacturers in the aviation industry today, bringing you top quality products at competitive prices. If there is something you are looking for that isn't listed in on our website contact us. We may offer what you're looking for - either directly or through a reliable, trusted business partner. Aero Upgrade stands ready to help you with the full range of upgrade projects. Give us a call or send us an email to see how we can help you!