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NewsSTC SA1043SW includes more engines! 
Dealer for: Lycoming Hartzell

Cessna STCs and Services

What can Aero Upgrade do for me?

STCs and engineering assistance

Aero Upgrade is a full service maintenance facility with a full time staff of A&P and IA mechanics. We can assist you with your pre-buy decisions, annual inspections, upgrades, maintenance, avionics, autopilots and more.

We offer very competitive pricing and convenient access to recreation in the Colorado area while your aircraft is in our 6,000 square foot facility for service.

In additional to airframe, powerplant, avionics and instrument work, we offer very competitive paint and interior work. We pride ourselves on our quality of workmanship and you will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable paint and interior work can be!

While we specialize in Cessna single and multi engine aircraft, we can accommodate nearly any type of aircraft needing maintenance or upgrades.

While you are here we can install instruments, avionics, autopilots or any other safety of flight items available through Aero Upgrade. Contact us for more information.

SA1008SW Installation of Lycoming 0-360-A1A , -A3A,   -A2F, -A4M, -A2A, -A4A, and -A1F engines with a Sensenich M76EM8S5-0-60 propeller on Cessna 177

SA1043SW Installation of Lycoming 0-360-A1A, O-360-A1F, O-360-A1F6 or 0-360-A3A engine, and Hartzell Constant-Speed Propeller Model HC-C2YK-1B/7666A-2 on Cessna 177.

SA1034SW Installation of Lycoming 0-320-E2D engine on Cessna 150D, 150E, 150F, 150G, 150H, 150J, 150K, and 150L.

SA1052SW Installation of Lycoming 0-320-E2D engine on Cessna 150G, 150H, 150J, 150K, and 150L Floatplane.

Aero Upgrade can provide on-site A&P and engineering assistance in your facility for a reasonable hourly rate. Or you can fly in on your old engine and fly out with more performance. We can install factory new or zero timed engines, overhauled engines or quality used mid-time engines on your Cessna with our STC.


Aero Upgrade:
Cost effective solutions for improving safety of flight and aircraft performance. It's all we do.

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